Meg reminded me of this picture! Burping my cousin:)This was almost 3 years ago! TIME FLIES!
I am so thankful I did all that baby sitting as a child into teen years. I would have never thought three years ago that I would be expecting my own! I am very anxious and excited. My husband is getting SO impatient as well, he wants him here now! I am feeling really good, my back is sore but that's nothing new and for the most part I try not to let it get me down.

We started our childbirth class on Tuesday night. That made me even more excited. I thought it was going to scare me a little but it's a great class so far. How are you?
Thank you!! I think doing those breathing techniques are going to help me tremendously. I just have a good feeling about labor and delivery now. I am feeling so much more positive about it. I LOVE my hospital and the way they do things there and how comforting they make everything feel.

The only thing I am nervous about is starting labor while my husband is at work. I know I will be fine, and hopefully have enough time to labor at home for a while so he can make it here to get me! I'm going to try to labor as long as I can at home unless my water breaks of course of any other issues.
Oh that's so awesome.. we loved our hospital too - makes a WORLD of a difference if you ask me.. and I love your attitude!!! :) You will be fine if something happens and he isn't there.. chances are he probably WILL be there.. at night or middle of the night - but you will do so so great! I was worried about the same thing.. oddly, when it all started happening I was WAY more calm than I thought I would be - it's like your mind and body know :)
    I sure do hope so! He works nights, so we will see. But all of his flight chiefs know when I am due and they said they will make sure he can leave ASAP when he makes the call that I am in labor. That's the only thing they care about it seems with him.. But I am ok with that! I just love how our minds and bodies were built into knowing how to do this. This is what we were born to do. I can't be more excited.

    And you always make me feel better, thanks Meg! <3
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    Happy birthday to my beautiful sister. Last year at the Zoo :)
    I can't believe you are going to be 3 next week! I love you Dylan!! (My baby cousin)
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