We still can't tell what his eye colour is. He was born with black eyes and now he's 6 months. still black?
    What color eyes do you and the father have? They could just be a very dark brown. Once he gets a little older and his eyes are a bit bigger you could see more color.

    Avery was born with blue grey eyes, which surprised is a bit because she's half korean. I thought for sure my husbands dark eyes would overpower my blue ones. Her eyes stayed pretty blue until she was about 3mo old. Now they are a light brown with patches of greenish brown and a grey ring around the edge. As she gets bigger we can see more and more of her eye color.

    Your boy sure is a cutie!
      lol Brent's not too difficult is he? :p Hey, my whole family is stubborn, including me :p But Paul is one of the easiest babies I have ever seen! He eats anything we give him, only cries when he's sleepy or drops his bottle and is always smiling and happy. My only concern is that he'll grow up to be like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill :p because I'll spoil him like crazy, being my only ever baby
        That's awesome about Brent!!!...except for the crying part lol Quirky is good! Kids with Autism just look at the world a bit differently. I think in many ways, they are a lot smarter than those without Autism. Herbs are really awesome. I made some Kale chips the other day. they taste like French fries! :)
        I remember, very little, of Paul's first 3 months. The Pediatrician said that Paul is ahead of the game on just about everything. He's been able to stand when leaning or holding on to something since he was 4 months old. He can sorta "inch worm" his way around on the floor. He's been rolling to the side since birth. Gosh I can't wait until he can talk :p but my mom might teach him to say some silly things :p
          Thanks you for telling me :) It makes me feel a bit better about why Paul was a bit under weight. Paul's growth is pretty good. He went from 18 1/4 inches at birth, to 26 inches he is now. :) He was 6lbs 5 oz at birth, and now he's 13lbs, 9 oz. Not where I'd like him to be, but much better than he was. Paul is doing soooo good with eating! :D He drinks about 7oz every 3 hours, and he eats fruits and veggies. Paul won't even touch baby food in a jar, so I get fresh fruits and veggies from the grocery store, steam it, and then grind it up for him to eat. So far, he likes: Green Beans, Green Peas, Carrots, Apples, Pears, Bananas and Rice/ Oat cereal. Bananas are his fave. And he eats solids 3 times a day. (Pediatrician said to start feeding him solids because he was so under weight)
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          Guess who's growin in a toof at 5.5 months!! :D
          pauls birth
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