Hi there. I'm new and want to introduce myself. I'm Kerry
    Hello Kerry, How are you?
      I'm well, a bit bored. Hubby took my daughter ice fishing. I spend a lot of time buying/selling clothes on Facebook, Will prob do that soon. What about you?
      I'm good, been playing with my daughter, tiring her out until we have to go to a party. She doesn't like long car rides. Ice fishing sounds interesting, i'm too chicken to try it.
      About Kerry
      Born: Utica, New York
      Current: Richland, New York
      Birth: May 04
      On Moms.com since: Mar 22, 2014
      I am a stay at home mom of a beautiful 7 year old. My husband of 8 years works extremely hard for our family. He and I are complete opposites, though. Where I love to shop and listen to music, he loves the solitude of hunting and fishing.