I love riding horses.
    me too , but i dont have one now
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      Yea, I even had the opportunity to be in a horse show once. I had this beautiful mare named Missy and she was an amazing show horse. She bowed, and would play 'pranks' on me. I had her take a horse blanket and put it over my head. It was so much fun but sadly she passed away and I've never been able to get myself back out in the arena to do shows anymore.

      I was 6 when I rode my first horse. Her name was Star. She was so gentle.

      The horse I'm riding in this picture is named Face She lives in North Myrtle Beach at a stable called Wampee Stables. It's the best place to go riding.
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      My boy, Koda
      So... the hubby had to talk me into getting a hair cut and style since my last one was just horrible! I'm impressed!
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