Aly wants a big fat kiss from "Gabby"
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    YES! Most of ours are great with her but the oldest dog does growl & sometimes snaps at her but she doesn't have many teeth left to do any damage. LOL She doesn't even touch her when she snaps anyway & then usually gets up & walks away. We're working on teaching her how to be nice & when she needs to leave them alone. I watch them all very close & they really are all great with her! I'm also not one to freak out if she were to get scratched or nipped. The only time one of the cats smacked her, the claws weren't out & Aly grabbed the cats leg while it was sleeping. So as far as I'm concerned it was deserved. Aly just looked confused & I explained things to her as best I could since that happened when she was only about a year old.
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    Since she's too little to bring the real dogs for a walk this is a great alternative!
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