Jax proudly dressed himself. Lol
    Haha! Love it!!! Who's shirt is he wearing?!
    5Mary Hunt
    His sister's. They share a room and I guess she put some of her clothes in his dresser. Daddy face palmed when Jax came out so proud. I fell over laughing.
      8Theresa Gould

      My little boys are constantly wearing each other's clothes and it's funny because the six year old wears the three year old's pants like capris and shorts, whereas the three year old is tripping over pant legs and sleeves look like wings on him!
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        5Mary Hunt
        I let him wear it until it was time to leave the house, then we had to change it or mommy would have been in trouble with daddy. lol. His favorite shirt (and the one that daddy hates the most) is a girls christmas shirt with Rudolph and his gf. But I only let him wear it at home.
        5Mary HuntBelleview, Florida
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