I wake up bigger every day..
    That is par for the course! Hang in there! You look beautiful!
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      I am feeling pretty good, things are just starting to hurt now! I am ready for him to be here. But honestly it could be much worse. I have had a beautiful pregnancy. Now just praying for a labor and delivery just as amazing. Thank you ladies for all the support!

      You will all be updated. It can be any day now... My due date is in 9 days! I have an appointment tomorrow and I might ask them to do the membrane scrape. My mom is flying in on the 23rd and I would hate to be so late that she doesn't get to meet him!! We will see. Everything is in God's hands. I do NOT plan on getting induced whatsoever. Membrane scrape is as far as I will go unless I am 41 weeks or more..
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      Please come soon......11 more days
      My beautiful little family <3
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