What he did to his room this afternoon...normally the crib is against the wall. I guess he didn't like it there! Lol
    8Theresa Gould
    How did he move his crib? By shaking it?
      When he is in it he shakes it pushes himself forward so it moves or he pushes against the wall, if he is out of it he will pull it across the floor. He is crazy! I need to find a way to attach it to the wall because he is going to knock it over and hurt himself.
        He's a beast! Lol he picked up a 15 lb bag of potatoes and brought it to me. He is super strong.
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        I can't wait to get this one back so it doesn't have the photographers watermark on it. It is my favorite :-)
        Throwback Thursday-Tristen maybe 20 minutes old...my giant child and his purple hands :-)
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