39 week bump
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      Wow! You have a big belly and it looks wonderful. I never got a really big belly and I was always jealous of those who did. Are you have any signs of labor yet?
      lol thanks! I have a long torso and he's filled the entire thing up. My fundal height has always measured ahead for some reason. I've had the menstraul like cramps and backache for about a week now. I've had contractions, but they fade out. I've been on my exercise ball for a couple weeks, which helped the baby engage into my pelvis. I was 2cm's last week, but that was my last appointment, so I have no idea where I'm at now.
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      Urijah @ 37 weeks. Love those cheeks <3
      Urijah Joseph 4/23/14 7 Lbs 11 Oz 20.5 in
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