Selfies you find randomly on your phone after your two year old has had your phone...she's too smart.
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Born: Foresthill, California
Current: Lathrop, California
Birth: September 25
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I'm a stay at home mom of two. My daughter Keela is a fully of energy, never stops two year old. My son is appearing to be the calm one although I can't tell for sure because he was just born in March 2014. Pregnancy for me was exciting and scary both times. I've had two extremely opposite birth experiences. My daughter was a 36 hour epidural hospital birth, in which I ended up with nerve damage in my back from the epidural. So being I was scared of more nerve damage and just wanting a different experience, my son was a 17 hour unmedicated home birth. I'm now a big supporter of home birth and am looking into becoming a doula.