Had my first night away from my son last night. I can't wait to hold him again. Miss him so much!!
    I bet you were both happy to see each other this morning! Why were you away from him? I hope it was something fun!
    He's been up at lot at night lately and both my husband and I are so exhausted so my mother in law offered to watch him overnight for us since she had to babysit the next day anyway. So we had a night to ourselves to get some much needed sleep!
    And yes he was happy to see me this morning! I popped in to see him on my way to work just to get a hug and it broke my heart to leave him again. His little face followed me as I walked to the door and I just wanted to run back to him :(
    I can't wait to pick him up after work!
      8Theresa Gould
      Glad you got a rest. Have a great night with your family tonight!
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      Took baby to the doctors again today. Seems he's been in and out of the doctors office since 4 months.
      Bad day. Had to pay $1500 to fix my husband's car. Looking forward to bed and ending this day :(
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