My oldest went pee and poop on the potty!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and my babysitter decided on taking her to the potty every 20 minutes after any food or drink than once an hour after that. We put her in undies or cloth training pants with plastic covers over. She has has A LOT of accidents the last few weeks but we are finally starting to make some head way. The main reason that she had success tonight is because she was a bit constipated so she sat on the toilet for quite a while a handful of times throughout the evening. She went pee a few times while she was back there trying to go poop. She finally went poop the last time she was back there.
We facebook messaged her babysitter who was ecstatic. They talked for a few minutes. We also called Papa at work and interrupted his dinner to tell him. He talked to her for a moment than called us back about 10 minutes later to talk more. She is going to get a fairy tatoo and a Dora sticker when she gets to the babysitters in the morning. We are talking to Gama now.
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    Awww...how exciting! Congrats!
      Yeah. We have only been fighting potty training for about two years. We made our first attempt when she was about 2.5 years old and she just turned 4 the end of September. The first attempt failed because our day care wouldn't work with our daughter and I didn't really have any other affordable day care options that I knew of so we just gave up on it and didn't do it until after our second baby was born and I was home. We have made several attempts in the last 6-7 months and all attempts prior to this one failed. This time we are getting help from the babysitter. Sami is being worked with by someone who knows what they are doing and I am learning from her. I got plenty of advice from people with the previous attempts but my daughter didn't want to work with me and hubby didn't want to help. Wait hubby isn't home most of the time anyway. Attempting potty training when you have a colicky baby and no help is a waist of time. It is going to be a fail. If we could have gotten this accomplished with out first attempt I think she would have caught on faster. The reason we made our first attempt when we did is because she was coming to us and saying that she needed her butt cover changed and it was barely wet. If she could recognize that she was wet than hopefully she would catch on quick to the feeling before becoming wet right???? Not so much when the day care won't work with a child that can't tell them that she has to go potty. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME????? SHE IS TELLING YOU THAT SHE IS WET WHEN SHE BARELY PIDDLES. SHE IS READY TO START LEARNING TO RECOGNIZE THE FEELING PRIOR. WORK WITH HER.
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      Enjoying bonding time with Baby this weekend!!!!!
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