Momma's gonna need some wine tonight!
    lol me and the hubby was talking about this at dance class. Not me cause I don't drink since I got sick but that poor dance teacher. She has class after class all afternoon long and a lot of the classes are younger kids 3/7 I'd say. Good thing she's in her twenties but I don't think she has any kids herself so you know after putting up with that many kids that are hyper and don't want to listen cause they're to excited, that she needs a drink at the end of the day :)
      Amanda Hurley
      I wish I could drink. It has been a LONG day. Tomorrow, I get a day off, and then Thursday, I have to be ready for my LONG day at the hospital. I gotta get up and out at 615 am.
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      Melts my heart when she reaches for me
      Someone is a chatty Cathy today!
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