hi pls do help me and give me some idea for past pregnancy tnx
    hi Rhea (by the way, is it your name? so unusual!)
    how can we help you? do you need an advice about how to get pregnant?
    Please check this:
    How to boost your chances of getting pregnant
    8Theresa Gould
    Mariya, it's pronounced like the male name "Ray" At least that's how we pronounce our daughter's middle name. It can also be pronounced REE-ah.

    We chose it as a middle name because in our research we came up with the meaning "motherly". :)
      8Theresa Gould
      Hi Rhea (one of my daughter's has that as a middle name)! Welcome to Moms.com!
        actually im just asking friends if how can i get pregnant faster because we been 2 years with nocontraceptives but still i dont get pregnant..i just some of your advice tnx
          Rhea i have the same issue - but we have 5 years. The general advice is to go to medical survey for both of you - just to be sure that everything is ok with your health.
          And try more))

          I had the survey - and now I'm sure I can conceive, it's just a question of time and God!
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