1st contractions! Maybe. Baby moving or contractions. if not contractions, Avery has very interesting timing.
    Good luck! Remember that early labor can be on and off for days or even weeks. Take it easy, get plenty of rest and stay calm.
    Oh, I know. I've had work-induced back contractions for the last 2 weeks. These were the first "random" contractions. Though, the randomness of it is questionable, since I was expressing colostrum before they started. Either way. Exciting.

    And can't go on for weeks for me. They will induce me within the next 12 days. I'm hoping to go natural, so I'll encourage these however much I can. they seem to be fading off though.
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    35 weeks 6 days doctors appointment- and I'm 80% effaced and 2cm dilated! Heck yes!
    Induction date set: Friday the 13th. 1 week or less left before he's here :)
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