Man we make some beautiful babies!!!
    You do! No wonder you want another one :-) I'd love to hear more about your "parenting beyond punishment" approaches, by the way. I try to do that myself, but must be honest and say that I don't always succeed!! I do feel that, in real life, there are imposed consequences. For example, if you speed, you may get a speeding ticket. So I feel like punishment does have a place in a family, but just not the major place.
    4Ariel LaCoste
    It is a challenge that's for sure. I try my best but I too have days where Im not so patient with them. Trying to not punish is very hard. Its so engrained in us as a method of parenting. Sometimes I feel like I don't have any other choice. It takes a conscious effort to try and parent beyond punishment. All in all I do feel like I am a better mother because of it. It makes me more conscious about how I talk to and connect with my children. All we can do is our best. Nobody is perfect :-)
      8Theresa Gould
      That you do! :)
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      Hubby and I decided to try for baby #5!
      My thought of the day :-)
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