Induction date set: Friday the 13th. 1 week or less left before he's here :)
Hoping he's here before then. Hubby is refusing to work (he's part time on call at the moment so this isn't hurting us other than financiailly, at least) until he's here in case I go into labor, though it seems any contractions brought on by my membrane sweep have stopped all-together. And I would rather avoid induction i possible. but I like the idea of him born on Friday the 13th too.
8Theresa Gould
Walk, if you had your membranes stripped. With my fifth my membranes were stripped and we went grocery shopping and they kept getting steadier through out the day. I had them stripped in the morning and that evening our son was born.
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1st contractions! Maybe. Baby moving or contractions. if not contractions, Avery has very interesting timing.
He's here! Avery James Gier Born 6/11/14 @ 10:31 pm vaginally! YAY! 6lb14on. 20in long
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