Me, my hubby & Maggie on his last day in the Air Force
    You both look so happy!!! Thank him (and you!) for his service please.

    When did he get out?
    Thank you!! It will be 3 years this September since he retired. He served 30 years some in active duty & some reserved. About 10 years ago before we moved to NH he was sent to Iraq for 7 months. Hardest time of my life! It makes me very happy we decided to wait before starting a family because it was hard enough to do it by myself but I am so glad I didn't have to do it with a child. I have tremendous respect & support for military families! I'm so proud of my husband & envy everything he did for our country but I was extremely happy the day he got out! I love this picture for that reason & because it's the only one I have of him in uniform :-)
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      This is the outfit daddy puts her in when I don't pick cloths out for her before I leave for work.
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