Selena took 2 steps without my hands and she's doing great walking with just one hand to help her!
    Wow, congrats! It's so funny how different every baby is. My 3 kids weren't even close to walking before they were 1...My boys walked at 14.5 months and my daughter at almost 16 months. My arms almost fell off from carrying them!!
    Yea she will, Selena just started moving my hand away then taking a step towards me and grabbing my hand, now she takes 5 steps while i'm holding on with one had and she reaches for the other.
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      Selena scoots or rolls, she's still trying to crawl but goes where she wants or I help her to get where she wants. She just learned how to sit up on her own yesterday.
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      Our trellis for the wedding next Sunday!
      My brother's flying in tonight, he gets to meet his niece for the first time! This pic was last year!
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