Made this in art school. Says "One of those girls, nothing but trouble." From an Avril Lavigne song.
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    I know your kind of girl
    You only care about one thing
    Who you've seen, or where you've been
    Who's got money

    I see that look in your eyes
    It tells a million lies
    But deep inside, I know why
    You're talking to him

    I know what you're all about
    I really hope he figures it out

    She's one of those girls
    They're nothing but trouble
    Just one look and now you're seeing double
    Before you know it she'll be gone
    Off to the next one
    She's so good that you won't see it coming
    She'll take you for a ride and you'll be left with nothing
    You'll be broken, she'll be gone
    Off to the next one
    If you read all the lyrics to the song its about how her words and looks deceive a guy into falling in love with him but she's only after what he's got.
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