Started at 137/138 Weighed myself yesterday...133! Its hard to see. Been a little over a week so far. :)
I mostly just started eating healthier. More fruits and veggies. And cutting back on junk food and how much food I am actually eating. I also started drinking coconut water which is 100% juice. It is really great for keeping yourself hydrated and has no fat or carbs in it. I have been trying different workout videos on youtube and started taking the kids out for walks now that I have a coach to do so. Hoping things keep going this way. :)
Oh I wish it could help me)) Seems like you have good health.
For me losing weight is much complicated - I have to do alot of workouts and eat only yogurt)) It depends on metabolism
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Kids decided to make a sandbox in my pantry by dumping a 2lb container of breadcrumbs on the floor. Ugh....
Hunter is 8 months old today! My little boy is growing up too fast! Someone make time stop!
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