Melissa Middleton
    It infuriates me when I see a parent mistreat their child, especially the mother. She carries that child, feels the child move within her yet mistreats that gift. Children are gifts from God. I truly hope you get that gift. You sound like a woman who would make a great mother. :)
    Thank you very much, Melissa. I agree 100%. Children are gifts from God, & it amazes & sickens me seeing & hearing the things people (especially mothers) do to their children. If you're not ready to be a mother for whatever reason don't mistreat that precious gift...give it to someone less fortunate who want nothing more than a family of their own, but sadly can't have one.
    Melissa Middleton
    I'll be praying for you. I want you to be able to experience that as well.
    I agree that they should place the baby with someone who would not mistreat it, either.
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    A rose for all you beautiful ladies. I hope you're all having a GREAT day. :)
    Gonna be a long busy weekend with my 2 BEAUTIFUL nieces. :)
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