pony training...
    8Theresa Gould
    I asked in the last photo how training was going but how's she (your daughter) doing?
    4Kate Machado
    training is going great! waking up at 5! these girls are so dedicated im so proud, we have this system in our house "you help me, I help you" my daughters are all fantastic! Annie is on the "no" stage and thats all she likes to say, and abby is a maniac as usual! Alice and Audrey have been so good, and helpful, we have all recently gotten some new horses to play with so we are super busy!
    8Theresa Gould
    So how do you have your "you help me, I help you " system set up? For some reason we've allowed selfishness to creep in and I'd love to develop more of a serving oriented work ethic on our farm. We need something to increase efficiency and productivity in our younger ranks!
    4Kate Machado
    well, we have "the chalk board" and we write down each girls name and there chores, and thats how we remember them, and when they train there horses and help around with the animals, we dont want them to expect something, we want it to be privledge, we have created a team situation where we are all working towards bettering ourselves and eachother so its not a me thing its a we thing.
    8Theresa Gould
    We have a chart for the house stuff, but the chores are by memory. That's a good point about it being a privilege because not everyone is able to have what they have. We do reward because we are rewarded when we work and we want them to be able to earn from our farm so we want them to understand that when they are efficient and doing their work our animals will produce more so we can earn more income. Much like your girls are rewarded when they train their horses and go to shows/rodeos and earn their buckles and ribbons for their hard work. Thanks!
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    pony training..
    pony trainign..
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