Is it time to break out the Uggs yet?
    Oh how I wish I could wear these! My husband hates them. I still had a pair for a while and I am trying to find some that he likes. I think he might like these ones!
    When we moved from Cali to Oregon we only took what fit in our small car so most of my shoes got left behind...the boots were casualties of the move :-/ which made me sad and my husband very happy! Lol
    Oh I cried! I cried so hard! Lol I had to leave almost everything though. We out an ad on craigslist and this nice family who had just done the same thin we were doing only from Washington to Cali came and took all of our stuff...hard day!
    But yeah coming back to Oregon was so worth it! So worth it!
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    You might have been an 80's kid if you know who this is.
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