Owen's putting himself to sleep... 5 min of crying... 5 more and I'm going in... :(
    How did it go? It took us awhile and sometimes just had to hold my hand on her while she was in the crib until she fell asleep.
      Didn't go well. When he started screaming and crying and he's the type to stop breathing when he cries. SO when I heard that thud against his crib I went running in and of course he hit his head :( He's ok it wasn't to bad no bump or anything. SO we calmed down and I rocked him to sleep with him sucking his thumb holding my hand and his blanket with one hand and having a death grip on my shirt with the other... BUT by 9:05 he was in his crib sleeping. :) Its just a new routine we are trying. Tonight he just wanted to keep playing so I just put him in his crib to calm down.

      Our new routine is:
      Lavender bubble Bath (but didn't happen tonight) Aveeno Lavender lotion, Pj's and a bottle and being rocked to sleep in his room with is music on and night light on or maybe his christmas lights on... Either way we are in his room and he is not in our playing rolling around till 9 or 10 at night. Also when he wakes up at night we are trying to let him calm down himself unless hes super upset. So far so good... :)

      Yes I know some night will take a little longer then others but that's okay. Its just a new routine we need to get use to and to stick to. :)
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      Owen is 10 Months!!
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