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Hi! Dear all, Please advice me! my baby refuse nursing. How should I do for this situation. I worry about for her health if she dont wan't to my breastfeed anymore, now she is only 4months.
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      Try a different angle, keep trying and pump so you have a back up supply. Here's a few different positions, cradle hold and football hold worked best for us. Make sure there;s a good latch, I hope that helps some. Also try a quiet place with less distractions.
      Your welcome, keep trying. Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm still nursing my daughter she's almost 19 months, it was rough the first 2 weeks i was so engorged i had to pump before i breastfed to get my nipple ready so she could latch well. Then around 6 months she was so fidgety we had to go to a quiet area or i'd sing her a couple songs she liked to calm her.
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