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My girls Playing Piano together Ava (1) Miley (2)
    8Theresa Gould
    Do you play piano? Will they take lessons when they are older? We have five children learning to play.
    I actually can't read Sheet music for the life of me ... i tried learning but i never could grasp it ... But yes I play the piano , electric / bass/ and acoustic guitar .. and the drums but learned on my own playing by Ear ... yes i am planning on them taking lessons as music is a very important aspect in life I think as Music as been around for Centuries and has inportant roles in a lot of historical events ... i want them to at least learn ..but if they choose they don't like it then that's ok then they can choose another thing... I believe Music , Art , self expression is very important :)
    8Theresa Gould
    That's great you learned to play by ear and that you play more than one instrument! My second son seems to have an ear for it too according to one of his piano teachers. He likes to sit there and try to make up his own songs too. He's also the one interested in playing guitar.

    One of our daughters was taking flute lessons until her teacher got married and moved away. I haven't looked for another teacher. She's still taking piano though.

    I don't play any instrument well. I can help my children when the first begin piano but then I am lost. I use to play a little guitar but never stuck with it.
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    Love them So Much
    Nap time today was a breeze I think someone likes her new bedding set :)
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