Toots 1st American Girl Doll Dec 26th '13
    8Theresa Gould
    She looks very pleased!
      looks fun! Did you go to the store?
      If so how was it... always wanted to take my girls there... just was not sure how expensive it would be!
      8Theresa Gould
      Magen Robisonwe've been to the store in Chicago. It was fun. The stuff is not any more expensive than what is listed on their website or catalog. We did not buy much. I think one of the girls had birthday or Christmas money at the time and that may have been our only purchase. But we have always had a rule that when we are out places the children are not to ask for things so it wasn't an issue to leave with very little or nothing. It was just a fun experience to go. I bet our youngest would enjoy it now.
        We did go to the store, yes. We did our family Christmas in Denver so were able to take her there. It was a blast. My daughter will never forget it. As far as pricing, it is a little expensive for most. Thats why it took us so long to be able to do. Others are fortunate enough to be able to afford such things, which is wonderful for them. Our family is not so fortunate. It was her big Christmas present. Her daddy went the night before and bought the one she'd been wanting (her clone if you will lol). She opened it Christmas morning in the hotel room. The next day, the day of this photo, we took her there to pick out an outfit and accessories and also paid to get her hair styled and ears pierced. It wasn't just shopping. It was an experience. And a great one at that! :)
          i am so glad you all had a great time!
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          Dudes 1st Hockey Game Jan. 9th '14
          What a sweet moment to catch, cherish, and always remember <3
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