Jasmine's School pictures. She will hate them one day.
    Oh no, who can hate this beautiful little girl?? She is really nice - but looks little bit confused.
    As seen now she is going to be lovely - with very interesting kind of beauty.
      Amanda Hurley
      She is a very beautiful child, thank you. She is just NOT photogenic, like her brother.
      what?? sorry what?? not photogenic? your last moment with Makenzie almost made me cry - so cute he is).

      Amanda, who told you that your kids are NOT photogenic?))
      Amanda Hurley
      Makenzie is a little girl. Her sister hacked her hair right before her first birthday. And thank you, I feel that Grahm is the only photogenic one. Jasmine doesn't know how to smile right most of the time and Makenzie usually runs from the camera. Grahm hams the camera up and is all about it.
      Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
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      My Beautiful Bug Makenzie
      Taken on Friday My little Bug
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