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How you will know if you're having a miscarriage

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a long time ago

in my six miscarriages spotting occurred which lead to full blown bleeding

I generally saw pink first, which turned red, then I started bleeding heavily and the heavier the bleeding got that's when cramping began. Cramping is different than stretching twinges. This cramping is like menstrual cramping or contraction cramping.

a long time ago

I was 8 weeks. The first day I had some spotting of blood. The next day I got severe cramping and contractions, they were comparable to contractions from labor. Very painful!!!  It’s just like having a baby but with no medication. Started having contractions every 4-5 minutes next night, went to the bathroom and the sac came out. I cut the sac open and there was my little baby

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Check your pregnancy week by week. Newborn
1. Omega-3s are great for my baby’s growing brain! I’m eating two meals of fish a week —but I’m avoiding fish that’s high in mercury.
How you will know if you're having a miscarriage
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