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Good first finger foods for babies

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Both of my kids' first finger foods were cheerios. A million come in the box, so if they drop a few it's no big deal, and they kind of dissolve on the tongue. I always put a small handful on their highchair and let them pick them up. It's good for fine motor skills. We also buy the Gerber Puffs and those are a big hit!


Autumn loves to self feed herself a variety of finger foods. Soft carrots, bananas, Sweet potato, white potato, green beans, apple dices, peach dices, asparagus (tips) turkey, chicken, eggs, pasta, avocado dices. She is an adventurous eater! She loves fish flakes, toast. She eats pretty much what we eat. She loves all fruits and veggies, meats and gerber puff cereal.


dice up food in small pieces for your little one.

1. Sweet potato and apple

2. Banana and avocado

3. Roast chicken and apple

4. Cheese omelet and turkey-apple sausage - Check with pediatrician first.

5. Elbow pasta with marinara sauce and foccacia

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Good first finger foods for babies
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