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Advice for letting teenagers care for baby

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I'd have no qualms about letting MY teenage daughters take care of my baby. My girls have been around babies and know what to do. Though I probably would take them to a CPR course at this point in our life. I have never really let anyone take care of my babies and it's rare that I require our girls to even babysit as I do not want to take advantage of them or make them feel like they were left to raise MY children.

I wouldn't allow other teens to take care of my children though..


I guess just show them how to do certain things, like diaper changing, feeding, etc., and then watch them do it to make sure they've got it down. If you can, call them occasionally while they're babysitting to check up on things. Make a list of what to do and when, like when lunch time is, or nap time. Set out or label the food you want the baby to eat (if not formula/stored breast milk).


I personally don't think I'd feel comfortable letting a teenager babysit Eliana. Now, I did let my seventeen-year-old sister watch Eliana for an hour... but my dad was there.

I think some teenagers might be able to handle it, but I would be very careful what teenagers you entrust your baby with. I would have them over and watch how they are with your baby before hand. Watch them change a diaper and have them feed a baby. Make sure they know what to do if she needs CPR..

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Advice for letting teenagers care for baby
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