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Food cravings during pregnancy

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I wanted a lot of Mexican food with Jonah, Hot Cheetos, peanut butter, fruit, and pizza with just banana peppers on it. The weirdest craving was banana peppers and toasted bread together (with nothing else added). I discovered that satisfying craving after I ordered Subway, and all the other ingredients came off except the peppers. Other than that, no bizarre cravings. The main thing was fruit. I could not get enough of it.

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During most of my pregnancies I craved at least one fast food whether it was Wendy's, KFC, Culver's or even McDonald's in one of my early pregnancies.I could not cook meat during some of my pregnancies, especially if my sense of smell was really heightened.

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For nearly the whole first trimester I craved nothing but junk food.No desire for lean meat, no salad, absolutely no fruit.Hubby and I spent about $20 at a 711 because all I wanted was protein bars, poptarts, Zero candy bars..

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With this one and my last two pregnancies, I craved tomatoes. This one I am also craving cinnamon rolls, chocolate milk, and steak.

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Food cravings during pregnancy
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