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When can you ignore a negative pregnancy test

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You can ignore one if you have not skipped a period yet. It's best to take them in the late evening or early morning because (more so early morning) because your urine is less diluted and the pregnancy hormone (hCG) levels are far higher, which will give a more accurate response. However, if you are still getting negative pregnancy tests, your period has not yet arrived, or you still feel pregnant, you can go to the doctor to get a blood pregnancy test--those are far more accurate than a urine one.

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With my first child I took a home pregnancy test and then went to the doctor for a blood test, when the nurse found out she said, "Oh you should have told me, home pregnancy tests are usually pretty accurate, " or something to that affect. I've had situations like you where the test has come back negative because the pregnancy hormone was still too low to detect. I usually just wait a few days to test again or like you, my period comes.

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the home pregnancy test measures the pregnancy hormone known as human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG for short. If you get a negative pregnancy test, it means that you don’t have ENOUGH hCG to register on the test

you can ignore a negative pregnancy test if you take it too early. While you may be able to detect a pregnancy as early as the first or second day of your missed period, for many women it is not until they have completely missed their period that they will register on a pregnancy test.

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If you've been actively trying, it's hard to just ignore a negative test. I think all women who are TTC will be upset by a negative or will just wait for the next day and test again. It's almost an obsession for some!

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When i was trying to get pregnant with my first son I had no idea I was pregnant until I went to get another does of birth control pills.I had just taken a test before leaving and it was a negative...again.She explained it simply that the pregnancy hormone that the home tests look for may have been to small to be picked up. She said many women need to wait until you missed your period to take the test and the earliest you can take the test is 14 days from possible conception.

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When can you ignore a negative pregnancy test
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