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What if your pregnancy test showed a faint line

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With thia pregnancy just like the others I tested and got faint lines each time. So I would wait till the next day to make sure that it wasn't a false positive. And it was still faint lines. So I called my Dr and they scheduled and appointment to get blood drawn. Blood pregnancy test are more accurate than urine when u first find out. So if you get a faint line ur most likely pregnant but call a Dr and ask for blood test to confirm


If it showed a faint line, it is a positive; as long as two lines show, it is a positive. However, their have been false positive so it is always best to wait the next day and test again. If the result is the same, contact your local DR or OB/GYN and make an appointment.


I got a very faint line, so I took a digital test and it came back positive. Most of the time it won't happen this way...

Most of my friends have had a faint line, and gotten a solid positive about a week later. It's all about how long it takes the hCG to get in your urine. It doesn't take the same amount of time for everyone.


For me it has always meant I am pregnnt !! I am always impatient so I tended to test a little early and there was always a faint line . I would double check a few days later with another test , but always posative !!


i had a miscarriage last month and got a faint positive saturday. i took another test today and still got a faint line but maybe a shade darker than the one from saturday.


I too had a faint line on a home pregnancy test the night before I had to be at work. I was feeling real sick I thought I could possibly have the flu.

So even if it is faint you should always check it out with a doctor next. Took 3 test total one at home, hospital and health department. Health Department said I needed to be at least 2 weeks late or it may come up negative.


I had a faint line with this pregnancy too. I ended up getting another one and it came out negative. After 6 pregnancy tests and 2 trips to the OB, it finally was confirmed I was pregnant

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What if your pregnancy test showed a faint line
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