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1 year old baby: the best way to transition from formula to milk

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I have recently started to ween my 1 year old twins from formula (Similac Alimentum) to Whole Milk. I have been mixing the two and gradually increasing the amount of milk and decreasing the amount of formula. I started this process about a week ago things seemed to going well but then all of sudden the babies started getting constipated. My poor little man has it worst we have to push his legs up so he can try to get it out.


When Mindy was in the hospital the Dr's told us babies under 1 year should not have water due to it throwing their electrolytes off. So formula only until they are 1 year old.

My 4 yr.old drinks water, milk, and Capri Sun which is better than him having his Dad's soda. My twins drink water, milk, juice, and tea.


I would mix the milk with the formula until it was completely just milk.

Example: 6-8 oz bottle would be 1 oz milk and the rest with formula, and just keep switching, 2 oz milk, 4-6oz formula (depending on how many oz bottle you're using), until the baby is finally all on cow's milk.


1 year old is when it is ok to start giving your baby regular milk. If your baby is underweight many doctor recommend sticking with infant or toddler formula for a few more months. It is a personal choice but WIC has policies so when using WIC you have to follow their rules. Personally I keep using breastmilk/formula for longer than a year.


She ate what we did with no problem before, be it chicken and broccoli, or grilled cheese, or mac n cheese, pasta, whatever. Now she won't eat anything but her stage 3 baby foods...and even then, you have to get past the two spoons she's wielding to get to her mouth. Every once in a while, if you put some on the spoon and leave it in front of her, she'll eat it. Most times though she just throws the spoon (and its food), which results in me scrubbing food out of the carpet once this is done. She won't even eat snacky puffs or teething cookies. Baby foods can barely be managed, but not as much as she used to eat. Solid foods? Fuh-get about it!

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1 year old baby: the best way to transition from formula to milk
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