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104 temperature in toddler: how to treat?

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Your risking your child having a seizure when it gets high like that...Just happened to my friends child not too long ago. I always get the electrolytes in them...rubbing alcohol to the bottom of their feet seems to help too. popsicles and cool cloth on their head and neck.


my son had a 104.8 temp hate to say i had to take him to ER cus it wouldnt go down at all nothing i did was working so come to find out what it was was his very 1st ear infection he had been to the doctors other times before that n never knew he had that but got to the er with in couple minutes they figured it out


No, doctor or ER time when it's that high. My baby brother had temp 104 f , and he was almost unconscious , and needed immediate treatment. Also you don't know if an infection caused it or anything else. It's better to be safe than sorry in my book.


One of the things we have read, but have yet to experience since we read, is that a fever isn't dangerous until 105-106. Scary, yes, especially for the babe. But that fever is there to do something and if it's taken down without killing whatever virus is invading the body the sickness will just last longer. I've never had a kid with a fever over 103, so I've never been in this situation.. But I do know stripping them down to their diaper, lukewarm bath, coconut oil rub, cold wash rags to play with.... Stay calm and listen to your mom instincts, they will tell you f something is wrong.

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104 temperature in toddler: how to treat?
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