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Feeding 13 months old babies besides baby food

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By this age, your toddler should be eating solids and breast milk if you’re still breastfeeding. They are able to eat what you eat. Here are some ideas of what you can feed your 13 month old.
Sweet peas
Fresh asparagus and green beans
Steamed carrots, zucchini, etc.
Baked or boiled squash/or sweet potato
Millet and cauliflower mash- good way to get whole grains and veggies in
Mashed potatoes
Cannellini beans, green beans (canned cut or fresh cooked), garbanzos, black-eyed peas
Cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew
Cut up melon or bananas
Grapes (peeled and quartered or halved)
Whole grain slices of bread or pita
High quality dry cereal
Toast with hummus
Multi-grain waffles
Cheerios/rice crispies
Mac and cheese
Sticky rice
Scrambled eggs
Hardboiled eggs

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Feeding 13 months old babies besides baby food
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