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19 months baby won't eat

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As your toddler grows, their taste changes as the texture in foods change. They can become "picky eaters", but its nothing to worry about. Offer simple choices in your snacks and family meals. Let your toddler help you prepare the food, set the table and eat with his/her hands and let them take their time eating. If they take a few bites and say all done, excuse them from the table, and offer a snack to them later. Don't force your child to eat, don't yell at your child because he didn't eat. If it becomes an issue and you notice weight loss, then seek a doctor.


I recently read this article, and it made a lot of sense to me when it comes to picky toddlers, and picky children of all ages.

This article is also useful too:



My youngest was a very picky eater. He would go days without eating much of anything; if not eating at all then def need to speak to pediatrician! If eating but barely due to being picky then my pediatrician said he wasn't going to wilt away a because he was eating some stuff said to just keep introducing foods to him and eventually he will eat. He's still a majorly picky eater at 5 but as a young one, he would go a good 4-5 days without eating


Other than asking your doctor, I like the suggestion of making sure your child is getting a good whole food vitamin and perhaps try smoothies (yogurt mixed with fruits and veggies) as they are easily digested and get vitamins and minerals into the blood stream faster than actual food.

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19 months baby won't eat
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