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Is it normal to have Itchy skin during pregnancy

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Yes it can be totally normal . Your skin is stretching and sometimes it will itch . I know my belly would get really itchy sometimes . You may also have dry skin and that can get itchy . Try and use some good moisturizing lotion and make sure to stay hydrated. On a rare occasion there can be some rashes or hives during pregnancy and in that case you may want to check with the doctor just to be safe .

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With my pregnancies, I soothed my skin with either cocoa butter or shea butter oils and lotions applied throughout the day. I was also mindful of the water temperature for baths and showers. At night, I would apply cocoa butter oil immediately after my bath/shower before drying off. It helped to further seal in moisture to reduce the itching.

a long time ago

In my last pregnancy my stretch marks were the itchiest spots ever! It drove me crazy and of course I didn't have any self control NOT to scratch so I had scratches within my stretch marks. Sigh. Getting itchy just thinking about it!

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Is it normal to have Itchy skin during pregnancy
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