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Tips for getting 3 year old to sleep

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Your child will show you when he or she is ready.

once you start do not give in to your child...if they cry because its dark get a night light dont keep the light on all night.

leave the bathroom light on if they can't reach it so there is no confusion

BEDTIME routine helps.

Full tummies really help sleep when your child doesn't eat right it can cause sleep issues.


We have done the same bedtime routine since he was about 1 month old. Bath, lotion, read books with a snack, say prayers, use bathroom, and brush teeth. Then I tuck him into bed, say good night and I love you and he falls asleep.


me and my little girl talk every night about her day and then ill tell her about mine and then she goes right to sleep


My oldest was strictly breastfed, and slept in the bed with me until she was 3.


We still lay down with our 3 and 5 year old and they are usually asleep in a matter of minutes. Then we have the evening to ourselves. They are only little once.

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Tips for getting 3 year old to sleep
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