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36 weeks pregnant vomiting

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It can be a few things if you are vomiting at 36 weeks . It could be early signs of labor , your body preparing . I could also be a stomach bug especially if there are others In your family that have vomiting . Or it could just be the normal pregnancy sickness , for me that was the case . I vomited daily until the day of delivery with my last 3 pregnancies , no fun !!!Papaya enzymes can help and so can peppermint and ginger


Vomiting and other GI disturbances can be a sign of early labor. If you do not have any signs of infection it might be early labor. Try to stay hydrated by drinking sips or water or eating ice chips. Ginger and peppermint can also help with nausea and vomiting.

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36 weeks pregnant vomiting
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