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Planning 4 year old birthday party

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I always make my daughters birthday cake and dessert to take to preschool. I let her choose what she wants. Her second birhtday was a cookie monster cake and Elmo cupcakes for daycare, her third birthday she wanted a pink and orange soccer cake and ice cream cone cupcakes for school. Doing things like this (with her help) means a lot to mean and hopefully it means a lot to her...she always tells me I did an amazing job :)


My kids know that friend birthday parties are a privilege, not a right.​ We will always celebrate their birthday with family, but to invite a bunch of friends somewhere is not something they "have to have".


I am thinking of making costume/dress ups kind of an ongoing theme for him and blending that with the party theme. This year is looking like an m&m theme.


For my sons 4th birthday he wanted a ghost themed party. his birthday is close to halloween and it gave me a reason to decorate for the whole month so i was super excited. We made him a ghost cake, and i got a bit carried away lol did ghost cake pops and made ghost to hang through the entire living room kitchen and dining room. we did sandwiches peanut butter and jelly as well as tuna and used the ghost cookie cutter to shape them.


Our kids are allowed to choose their birthday meal and dessert, though this year some have tried to choose all the meals for the day of their birthday!They are also allowed to pick out a movie to watch on their birthday.

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Planning 4 year old birthday party
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