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4 year old and potty trained pooping pants

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If your 4 year old potty trained child has started pooping their pants again, talk to them and try to figure out why they're doing so. Are they forgetting to stop what they're doing and take a bathroom break? Do they try to get to the bathroom and have trouble holding it in? Could their diet be affecting their bowel issues?

If your child tends to poop around the same time every day, set an alarm for them to go to the bathroom.

If they don't and you're at home, look for signs they're about to poop and remind them to use the toilet instead.

You may have to go back to basics and set a timer for certain intervals, then tell them to try and go potty.

When it's too late and they've already soiled their underwear, they can help remove the poop into the toilet.

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4 year old and potty trained pooping pants
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