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6 months baby sleep: how many naps

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Chloe is almost 6 months old, and doesn't nap for long anymore maybe 10 minutes here and there. The only way she will nap longer is if I drive somewhere with her. I could drive to Orlando (3 hours away from where I live) she would sleep the whole time, and would wake up as soon as the car stops :( One thing I will add is since I have always been a light sleeper, and didn't want her to be like me. I got her used to noise around when she naps or sleep except at night, and I am happy with the result she sleeps through me vacuuming around the house, or a loud television.


This will vary from baby to baby.. like all things do :) But Monroe just zoomed by 6 months so I have a wee bit of insight to this! Monroe typically will take a morning nap, afternoon nap and sometimes evening snooze! Keep in mind though, that he doesn't nap for LONG periods of time.. thus the more frequent naps. Your baby might nap for LONGER periods but not as many times.. and goodness, I might trade you for that ;)

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6 months baby sleep: how many naps
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