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How to introduce new food to a 6 month old baby

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Cullen started eating solids the beginning of June. Since then he has tasted green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, strawberries, apples, peanut butter, oatmeal, chicken, beef and peas. His favorites are sweet potatoes and oatmeal with pureed strawberries and apples. I make and puree all the food at home with a baby bullet. I found that adding a little bit of pear juice to the veggies helps with the puree and sweetens the taste for him.


For Lucas, we're just giving it to him. We do one food at a time for a few days. Making sure he likes it and checking for allergies. He's doing fine with it, likes the different tastes so far. Loves apples lol. We try to do more veggies than anything. We do green beans and peas and then maybe a sweeter veggie like carrots before fruits.

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Baby checklist. Month 6
1. Baby can feed herself with a spoon! I’m not sure how much she is actually eating, because she makes a huge mess, but hey, she is having a blast.
How to introduce new food to a 6 month old baby
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