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Organization tips for a busy mom

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Plan your week and weekends. Get a large calendar to write on, or a large dry erase board. If you have time to cook and freeze your meals do that. If you have multiple children, limit one childs sport activity per year. If you have a friend, share errand times. Always have a back up babysitter for emergencies. Set aside to talk to your family about your week and weekends.


I try and keep things picked up and organized , it helps me function much better . I try to have a place for everything so I know right where to find something I am needing . I have a calendar on my fridge for all appointments and activities so everyone knows what is going on .


Forget storing everything in your mind and waiting to forget or until last minute or just using your motivation and energy trying to keep up with everything.

Evernote - save, tag, remember, organize EVERYTHING. Srsly. I use it about 77 times a day. Or more.

Regularly- forget inputting stuff you do at least once every year or two on to do lists.

I have daily, weekly, every few monthly, and yearly tasks setup.

And if you get distracted too much and you can help it... Pomodroido.


About once a month, I do what I call a "pantry clean out". Where before I make my menu, I pull out everything I have from my pantry, freezer and fridge and use as much of it as possible to put together all my meals for the week. These items are often a result of us having something come up and needing to eat out.Sometimes the items are very creative, but it can knock my grocery bill down to as little as $50.


I always make a list and a schedule and strictly go by it, I have everything I need to do for that day listed on my list and I check mark each thing as I go along. It has worked out great.


I make lists. House list, farm list, work list, fall work list, school list, shopping list and on I go. I just wish I had a more organized way of keeping track of my lists!

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Organization tips for a busy mom
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