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Accuracy of a home pregnancy test: can I trust the results ?

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I think if you use them right they are very accurate . You need to make sure to get enough urine on them and try and use your first urine in the morning . Follow all of the directions and don't look at it after the time limit . I know some peole get false negatves but that is usually because they tested too soon .


The dollar store tests worked great for me I used them for both of my pregnancies and worked the same as the $20 ones.


I tested weekly until my first ultrasound. (I just couldn't believe I was pregnant!!) My initial tests were 2 Rite Aid generic EPT tests. Yes, they worked well. But, the Dollar Tree ones worked just as well! All the ones I took after the initial tests were Dollar Tree. They were just as fast (if not faster) and clearly as accurate!


I used the home pregnancy tests all the way through and only went to the doctor with my first to confirm it, even after a home test. That's when I learned they accept the home test results as accurate. I didn't know that before then.

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Accuracy of a home pregnancy test: can I trust the results ?
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