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Accuracy of a Dollar store pregnancy test

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I used a few to find out if I was pregnant with my son, and all were accurate--they read a positive. He was a surprise. :)
With this next one, we were TTC and I used the dollar tests or the 88 cent ones from Walmart. I used one that was a little more pricey since the others were out, and to be honest, there is not a difference in them (just the price). They all work the same and even a doctor will tell you that. I used an 88 cent test for this one. It read positive.


This pregnancy was the first one I depended on the dollar tests. We were TTC so it helped since I would test several times a month. I wanna tell my experience as I'm not to sure how I feel about them. I was 5 days late and I got a negative result, I figured I'm late and didn't test again till I was almost 2 weeks late and I got a positive result. Idk why the test didn't pick up anything the first time around. I know it may been BC I may not have had a high enough amount of HCG, but then I'm the women who's found out no later than 4 weeks and as early as 2 weeks with my previous 3 pregnancies, not getting a positive until 2 months just seems off to me. Idk exactly how far I am just yet, but judging by my last period that's where it puts me. I wonder if maybe I got a false negative from the test. Its a hit and miss in my personal oppion.


I have always used those. I used them with Jonah and I used them with this current pregnancy. They are as accurate as the expensive ones.


I used those to test and it was right. Im pregnant!


Worked both times for me!


I used for my 2nd pregnancy a dollar store brand test and the result was YES!! And so did the doctors office one..so why spend crazy money when you can't go wrong with the dollar one!!


I was eight weeks pregnant with my daughter be for I got a positive result I spent a lot of money on tests and I just had a low hcg level that they could not read I was eight weeks when I decided to take a dollar store test after spend all the other weeks with first response and the expensive tests and it was a positive.


I always took the dollar store tests they worked just fine and are cheap!

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Accuracy of a Dollar store pregnancy test
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