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Acid reflux: toddler's diet

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Acid reflux is hard to deal with, especially in toddlers. I have really been cautious about what my daughter eats/drinks each day that might make it flare up. Acid reflux is different in each child and not all diets will work with each child. some children are only lactose intolerant, which is a form of acid reflux because the lactic acid in dairy causes the reflux. You may just need to cut back or cut out anything with lactic acid. My daughter is a bit different in that any form of acid in foods or drinks can cause flare ups. She drinks soymilk about 90% of the time. She can drink cows milk in cereal and when we're out, just as long as it's not right before bed or before naptime. Also, fruit juices, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and yogurt are other things we have to be careful with. Too much will make her sick and she can't have it right before she goes to sleep. Get to know your child's individual reflux issues. Base their diet on what foods/drinks do not agree with them.

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Acid reflux: toddler's diet
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